We are a team of developers and designers who turned to web development due to our passion for solution provision for different people to represent themselves or market their products in the ‘whole wild web’. There are numbers of websites out there doing the same. What makes the difference with us is the realization of our client’s idea. We can be masters at coding or designing but we don’t run that business. We can only suggest where as our esteemed client has a full picture in front of him. So what we do is, we fill the gaps with our expertise.

We don’t push rather we make the picture more clear. So it is easy for the audience for whom the website is being developed. We are not award winners but we win the trust of our client and their audience. We don’t pretend to be masters to take our apps to the stars. Rather we make it easy to the audience to brows the app on any screen and navigate it to their ease while the content is well served and the purpose of our web application is achieved.

MK is web design & development company who is also expert in SEO & Marketing services.

Our methodology is simple and fair,

  1. A Client contacts with project’s requirements.
  2. We layout a plan which is workable and ensures the success.
  3. All the risks and hurdles are highlighted at first along with possible solutions.
  4. Everything is double checked and verified by our team with the client.
  5. We don’t sign-out the project until our valuable clients are satisfied.

The practice all of the above to make sure the quality and satisfaction of the client.

Our organized team work, honesty and working incorporation with clients is not enough to differ us from others, but we have courage to deny the offers which are beyond our limitation or skills. It is necessary to maintain the quality of work and integrity of the team, because we believe in making the clients rather than money.


MK WEBS is all about your business solutions. We take pain and look out at your competitors and analyse their success rate and manipulate the findings to devise a strategy to produce a win win situation for you.


We are always there for you

Always There For You

We are always at your help, either it is the start of a project or it has been successfully completed. We stay with you until you are satisfied. Because we love relations not money.


Web Design, Web Development & SEO

Taking Care of Business

We are Web Designers, Developers and SEO specialists. Our teams have dedicated and second to none services.


We fortify your Web Applications

Power of MK WEBS

We know how to observe privacy. So we keep the correspondence and all project details secure. We know how to fortify your web applications so we take measures to ensure security there as well.


Some of our team members are autodidact they are doing their tasks because of their passion but they are second to none. While others did university studies and they obtained their graduation degree in the software engineering.

We started web development about 10 years back. Work was scarce in the local market. We tried to access the global market but it was really tough to capture it. We stuck with that without losing hope that brought our share to us from this saturated market. Now we have our doors knocked time and again with a list of our returning clients.

We have built our strengths in the following:

HTML/CSS Semantic UI
JavaScript & its Frameworks
PHP & PHP Frameworks
UX/UI Enhancement
Branding and Identity Service
SEO & Marketing Services